Adalaj / Gujarat · September 25, 2021

Adalaj Stepwell in Ahmedabad

There are 120 stepwells which were built between the 5th and 19th century. One of which Adalaj stepwell built in the memory of Rana Veer Singh by his wife Queen Rudadevi in 1498. It is located 18.9 km far from Ahmedabad in the Adalaj village. It is one of the most famous stepwell to visit in Ahmedabad.

Adalaj Stepwell History

Adalaj Stepwell history

The small kingdom of Rana Veer Singh always ran out of water and thus he started the construction of this stepwell. In the middle of this project, the kingdom was attacked by Mohammed Begda. A Muslim ruler of the neighboring kingdom because of which the Rana Veer Singh died. The Muslim ruler prevented his wife Rani Roopba (Rudadevi) to commit sati and proposed marriage with her. She agreed but on one condition that this step well should be completed. Mohammed Begda agreed to her condition. When the stepwell was completed, Rani Roopba committed suicide by jumping into the well. It is also said that before committing suicide, she took bath in the stepwell so that the water gets purified thereby delivering from her sins.

Adalaj Stepwell Architecture

Upper architecture

This place will make your trip memorable with its huge and divine architecture. Combinations of Islamic, Hindu, and Jain encryption can be seen in every story of the well. The most attraction gaining encryption of Ami Khumbor (water of life) and Kalp Virksha (tree of life) will let you know-how during those times the people used to worship them and perform ritualistic ceremonies.

Inner architecture

This stepwell is five stories deep and opened at the top level with four corners angled at about 45 degrees and made in such a way that from the top level, there are three paths to go to the unique bottom. It was used to get access to a good amount of groundwater and thus every floor in this stepwell can be seen as very spacious.

Adalaj Stepwell Opening Time

Mon – Sun: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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