Please read the following policies very carefully.

1. The original images used in this blog are not meant to be reused by any third party even with a reference (online mode) and can only be used by this blog owner including any type of promotions.

2. The existing images used by this blog have been properly referenced in its image description.

3. The existing images are not used outside the blog for any promotions in form of images and videos.

4. The existing images can be removed if the owner asks about it through contact section. Identity proof needs to be submitted to ensure everything is correct and can expect a reply within 1-2 weeks.

5. The images and icons which are not referenced in this blog are taken from free public domain image websites.

6. The blog consists of some religious destinations and respects all religions.

7. The owner can change this blog’s policy and disclaimer whenever needed and does not give right to anyone else.

8. All pages of the blog will be checked once in a week to insure everything is working in order.