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Vindhyawasini Mata Temple Salkanpur

Vindhyawasini Mata Temple or Salkanpur Temple is a temple dedicated to the goddess Vindhyawasini. Salkanpur is a sacred Siddhpeeth in the village of Salkanpur, near Rehti, India. It is dedicated to Vindhyavasni Beejasan Devi. Ma Durga Beejasan is revered by her devotees and the locals. Thousands of people visit this location on a daily basis, climbing over 1000 stairs. No visitor’s request goes unanswered in Maa Bijasan’s court. Mother blesses everyone, whether it’s the most powerful minister or a poor individual. The whole body is flooded with the force of Maa Bijasan as the devotees’ steps increase as they approach the outskirts of this Dham. Maa Vijayasan Devi is said to be enthroned a top the peak in her most heavenly form.

Salkanpur Temple History

Vindhyawasini Mata
Vindhyawasini Mata | Maxresdefault

In Vindhyawasini Mata Temple, Goddess Vijayasan is an incarnation of Mother Parvati. She at the request of the Gods, destroyed the demon Raktabeej and saved the universe. Vijayasan Devi is also known as Kuldevi by many people. Mother bestows the chosen life partner upon the girls. She also fills the devotees’ empty laps. This Dham is included in the famous Shaktipeeth. It is said that a part of the Ma felled in this area when load Shiva was saving her from burning. Devotees believe that this deity is on par with any Shaktipeeth in terms of importance.

Vindhyavasini Mata Architecture

Architecture of Salkanpur temple
Architecture of Salkanpur temple

Maa Vijayasan Devi’s idol is self-proclaimed. This idol depicts Mata Parvati. She is sitting in devotion with Lord Ganesha. This beautiful temple also houses the idols of Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, and Lord Bhairav. Everyone has the good fortune of receiving the blessings of numerous gods at one temple.

The Vindhyawasini Mata Temple was built in 1100 A.D. during the construction of the fort Ginnourgarh. But now at present, the temple has been renovated by Salkanpur trust. There is a nice park to hang out in. You can see ponds, mountains and distant lands. But the experience does not end here. You can also have a great experience of site seeing during the travel from your home to the temple and from temple to home.

Salkanpur Tiger

It is also stated that the tiger travels from the surrounding Ratapani jungles to Vindhyawasini Mata Temple. Devotees say Maa Durga’s car reaches all the way around the temple to see the mother. According to locals, the tiger used to live near the temple many years ago when it wasn’t built. The devotion grew throughout time. Today Vijayasan Dham is a major pilgrimage site.

How To Reach Salkanpur From Bhopal

Air – 70 km from Raja Bhoj Air Port Bhopal to Nasrullaganj Road.

Train – 15 Kms from Budni Railway Station.

Road – 70 Km from Bhopal to Nasrullaganj Road.

Salkanpur Temple Opening Time

Timmings – Mon-Sun 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Duration – Around 1.5 hrs (not including the time of festivals)

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